Simply Perfect Payroll.

PerfectPAY ® is a simple solution for all the basic payroll services you need at a price you can afford.

Processing your payroll has never been easier.

Simply submit employee timecards directly to PerfectPAY through our secure FTP server using your preferred FTP client, or through PerfectTIME, our time and attendance software included when you sign up for our all-inclusive web-based software package, PerfectSUITE.

Fast, Accurate, & On-Time

PerfectPAY processes timecard data entries quickly while accurately recording, deducting, and distributing funds on-time and in strict compliance with your payroll requirments.

All the Basic Payroll Services You Need

  • Secure Payroll Data Uploads
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Delivery
  • Electronic Reports
  • 1099 & W-2
  • Tax Filing
  • And Much More
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Simply Perfect Payroll

Secure Payroll Data Uploads

Secure access via our secure ftp server and your preferred ftp client for direct upload of employee timecards and processing through our PerfectPAY payroll software program.

Direct Deposit

Worry free payroll fund transfers deposited directly to your employees bank account on any pay cycle you choose.

Payroll Delivery

Payroll checks delivered directly to your place of business, on-time, and ready to be distributed to your employees.

Electronic Reports

Secure online access so you can review payroll history, generate reports, and print or save in a file format you prefer.


1099 & W-2

We will generate and distribute the W-2s and 1099s for you. And just leave the filing of the W-2s to us.


Tax Filing

HRGeneral will collect all payroll data to calculate, file, deposit and reconcile your payroll taxes. All inquiries from taxing agencies regarding deposits and returns we file for you will be addressed promptly and professonally by one of our payroll specialists.


More for you

For your convenience, additional services and solutions are available including Check Signing and Stuffing and Prepaid Cards.


It's Simple...

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